The high demand of the automotive and transport industry for chemical products is virtually unsurpassed by any other market segment. Aside from a diverse selection of commonly used polymers, elastomers and rubbers, we supply additives, coatings, high-quality adhesives and sealants as well as potting agents.

Our raw materials, additives and pre-formulated products are used on both vehicle interiors and exteriors: beneath the bonnet, in the electrical components, and in the tyres and paint finishes.

We offer an extensive product range and the assistance of our product experts to help you find suitable solutions for applications in the automobile and transport industry.


We offer a wide range of structural adhesive products for demanding applications. In our product ran

Coatings and Construction

We offer additives for a very broad spectrum of applications like industrial coatings and wood varni

Copper Clad Laminates and PCB

We offer components for the production of high-precision electronics copper clad lamınates and PCB.

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